Family life seems to take place most predominantly within the kitchen space. The kitchen we know today is an indispensable component to contemporary life thus the atmosphere there ought to be user friendly and intimate and the design practical and functional. Special attention should be payed to the arrangement of equipment. The colour palette should agree with the modern trends and styles. Furniture made to measure enables meeting the client’s demands as well as the ergonomic standards. The kitchen storage potential is used to the fullest allowing the inhabitants to move freely. We are able to gear the kitchen so that is suits our client’s  style and preferences. We will make our clients feel comfortable and  well organized, having all they need at hand.


MDF malowany i drewno
painted MDF and wood


painted mdf


mdf malowany i laminat
painted mdf and laminated board



Wardrobes and built-in niches

Constricted spaces ought to be scrupulously designed. The problem of storing everyday utensils that would preferably be concealed can be dealt with by implementing wardrobes in built-in niches. Limited storage spaces can be designed to exploit their maximum potential offering our clients easy access. 

szafa z nadrukiem zdjęcia

sliding wardrobe with a photo image


szafa ze szkłem

sliding painted glass wardrobe


szafa z nadrukiem

sliding wardrobe with a photo image


Various funiture pieces

Apart from designing and producing kitchen furniture and wardrobes we also deal with media storage furniture, children’s furniture, build-in corridor furniture, office furniture and shop furniture.

zabudowa ściany oraz blat

build-in wall furniture and shop till


meble RTV

media furniture


DSC04188 (Kopiowanie)

children’s furniture



Modern furniture accessories and décor

Reliable and professional producers guarantee  longevity and functionality of furniture accessories.
Implementing modern hinges, cargo storage units, baskets, bins and internal storage drawers facilities furniture usage. 
Kitchen furniture must be capacious. Cargo storage units and internal storage drawers make it possible to store more and  they provide easy access.

Blum_box0433_2 (Kopiowanie)

Blum_box0785_3 (Kopiowanie)

Blum_box1044_2 (Kopiowanie)

Blum_box0572_3 (Kopiowanie)

peka le mans (Kopiowanie)peka magic corner (Kopiowanie)















Using proper hinges and cupboard stays is of great importance. We offer our clients high quality products with a twenty five year guarantee which extends the furniture exploitation period.

Blum_kla0102_3 (Kopiowanie)

Blum_clp0323_3 (Kopiowanie)







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